Meet Dr. Jeanne Cotton

Dr. Jeanne Cotton is a powerful and charismatic personal growth and development expert, Dr. Cotton has creatively blended a finely woven texture of “old fashioned” common sense with self-empowerment. She has delivered over one thousand live trainings and presentations to organizations, churches, radio audiences, and individuals.

One Focus

Dr. Cotton’s main focus is the exploration of YOU. She is passionate about helping all people get to know themselves so they can learn to love, respect, and enjoy self. Dr. Cotton always says, “It’s all about YOU. Everything for YOU, begins and ends with YOU!”

About Dr. Cotton

Throughout her life, Dr. Cotton has given over a thousand presentations to engage, inspire, and empower audiences! She is described as an “extemporaneous speaker”. Her passion for people emits from the moment she steps on stage, and immediately makes individuals feel loved, seen, and encouraged. She helps people take a look within to stir up the gifts that are within them.

You'll Learn

Clearer information about self

How to motivate self

Better love, appreciation, and respect for self

Self in relationship to and with others

A deeper sense of positivity and how to incorporate positivity into your life

How to navigate with the process of life and living with a positive mindset.

Dr. Cotton's Philosophy

“I believe that everything for YOU, begins and ends with YOU. Therefore, you’re the most important person that you’ll meet in your life, so it makes good sense to get to know this very important person, namely YOU.”

Featured Speaking Topics

A Journey Into You

Relationships and You

The blending of psychology and religiosity (“Psychorelipeudics”)

Getting It Together: You, Life and Living

The Art of Transitioning Through Growth and Development

If You're looking for a Speaker who can...

  • Take you on a journey into YOU
  • Engage, inspire, excite, and motivate any audience
  • Entertain and captivate all members of the audience
  • Provide informative and memorable content that audiences love
  • Create an unforgettable experience


“I have gained more insight into myself and others after attending Dr. Cotton workshops. I have gained new insight into my role in relationship with others.”

Portia Brown

“I have been influenced in a special way by Dr. Cotton's workshops, reflections, insights, and suggestions.  I have found that her message cuts through the artificial barriers of race, class, gender, and nationality to get to those issues of personal development, self-esteem, and human relationships that confront all peoples and societies. Indeed, Dr. Cotton's prescription for "Quality Living" daily, one shaped and informed by her intensive seminars and workshops throughout the United States and abroad, is applicable for all persons who are in search of avenues to personal growth, spiritual wholeness, and genuine peace of mind.”

Dr. Tiffany M. Gethers,

2Gethers Foundation

“Dr. Cotton’s workshop was taught provoking and inspirational.  It provided a platform for you to really reflect on your life and sift through old idioms about life and living and select what best work for you.  I recommend this workshop for anyone who what to make a change in their life.”

Todd J. Govain

Chief Deputy Clerk, Lake County Illinois