Meet Dr. Cotton

As a powerful and charismatic personal growth and development expert, Dr. Cotton has creatively blended a finely woven texture of “old fashioned” common sense with self-empowerment. She is the CEO and Founder of Transcend YOUniversity and passionate about aiding individuals to know themselves and know their worth - from the inside, out. Her seminars, workshops, and ministry have yielded definite and measurable results to captivated audiences around the country and abroad. Her magical mixture of wisdom, humor and sincerity permeates the room with love and demonstrates her devotion to her life’s work.

Her primary focus is on knowing thy self. She also focuses on women’s issues and rebuilding and strengthening families. Whether the topic of discussion is self-awareness, empowerment, healing, or sexuality and relationships, Dr. Cotton leaves her audiences spiritually uplifted, enlightened and radiating with joy from the sharing of this paramount, life-changing experience.

Dr. Cotton is amazingly free of intellectual wrangling and rhetorical ostentation. She combines the richest of practical wisdom with the logic of a philosopher, the diagnostic skills of a psychologist, and the caring spirit of a dedicated clergyperson…qualities are not surprising given her background in both academia and the church.

Dr Cotton is part of the legacy of the legendary Stax Records in Memphis, Tennessee.  Produced by the late Issac Hayes and David Porter, Dr. Cotton was the lead singer of one of Stax's famous female groups, Jeanne and the Darlings, which included her sisters and her oldest daughter. The group reached fame, landing on the Billboard Top 100, performing with legends like Sam Cook, Otis Redding and the Staple singers, to name few; and performing their own hits around the country, including at the historic Apollo Theater. 

Dr. Cotton passed down her musical legacy to her children, one of which (Coré Cotton) traveled the world as a featured vocalist of the Grammy-winning Sounds of Blackness.

Today Dr. Cotton is a Certified Life Coach and is excited to help YOU break past your limiting beliefs and enter into a glorious and fulfilling pattern of good life and good living. She encourages love, respect, and appreciation for self!